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What Chiropractic Treats

Chiropractic treats subluxations of the spine. A subluxation is a misalignment of a spinal bone which causes an endangering stress to the spinal column, spinal cord, nerve roots and the nervous system.


Swelling and Inflammation - When spinal joints suffer trauma or injury, soft tissues surrounding the joint can be damaged. Discs can degenerate and ligaments can stretch or tear. Inflammation of these connective tissues is accompanied by changes in temperature. Since the disc between each joint do not have a blood supply, damage to the discs can be slow to heal. The term for damaged soft tissue is histopathology.


Stiffness and Muscle Spasms - Overtime muscles that attempt to support a malfunctioning area of the spine (Subluxation) become infiltrated with stringy scar tissue, a form of fibrosis. This changes the muscle's elasticity and impairs its ability to support the spine properly. This is why patients with long-standing spinal problems take so long to recover. Repeated chiropractic adjustments maybe combined with other forms of treatment to retrain these damaged muscles. When muscles supporting the spine malfunction, doctors call this condition Myopathology.


I can't turn or bend normally - Car accident, improper lifting, over-exertion, long periods of sitting, emotional stress and even the birth process can cause vertebra to lose their normal position and ability to move properly (subluxation). This leads to nervous system interference, muscle damage, soft tissue injury, and a progressively worsening degeneration process. When spinal joints malfunction this condition is called - Spinal Kinesiopathology


Numbness or a tingling sensation - Your nervous system is a vast network of interconnected circuits that can malfunction when a vertebra presses onto nerve tissue, or even when the spinal cord or nerve root is rubbed, stretched, twisted or irritated. These "short circuits" alter normal nerve function and can cause organ damage, pain and ill health throughout the body. Doctors call this condition - Neuropathophysiology


Bone spurs and other abnormal bone growths distort malfunctioning spinal joints. The process of subluxation degeneration, scar tissue and long-term nerve irritation can cause other systems of the body to mal-function as well.
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