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Hip and Leg Pain

Testimonials>Hip & Leg Pain

Hip & Leg Pain

Hi, I am Alice and I want you to know it is never to later to get chiropractic care.

I have been suffering with hip and leg pain for years mainly due to the hip replacement I had 22 years ago. The pain would limit how far I could walk and my daily activities.

I also suffered with neck and shoulder pain. The pain would hit me when I was cooking or cleaning and sometimes just reading a book. I would have to go and sit down until the pain went away. It was terrible; I was crabby all the time.

My son Mike had been going to Dr. Lincoln for a while and he was getting wonderful results. Mike would always tell me I should go see Dr. Lincoln but I figured there was nothing chiropractic could do for me at my age and besides, my medical doctor had nothing to offer me.

Mike came home with a Health Certificate from Dr. Lincolnís office for a new patient exam. I decide the offer was to good to pass up and I had nothing to loose.

I was surprised at how thorough Dr. Lincolnís initial exam was and the information Dr Lincoln presented me with during my report of findings.

I was shocked when Dr. Lincoln showed me my x-ray and explained to me that the pain in my hip and legs was not because of my hip replacement but from my lower back. He explained to me what lead to my hip replacement and what was causing my neck and shoulder pain.

Dr Lincoln spent the time to explain what I needed for care and that if I was not going to take his recommendation for care then I should not get started with chiropractic care. He was quite honest and told it like it was. His recommendations sounded reasonable so I decided to follow them and I am glad I did.

Today I am happy to report my low back does not hurt anymore and my hip pain is much better. I can walk further and stand longer without the weakness and pain I use to have. My neck and shoulder pain is gone and I can cook and clean without that nagging pain I use to have.

What I really enjoyed was Dr. Lincolnís new patient orientation class. I really learned a lot about what health is, how to get it and how to keep it.

What I liked the most about Dr. Lincoln is he explains what is going on so I got the whole picture and the purpose and benefits of chiropractic care.

I highly recommend chiropractic care for anyone no matter his or her age.


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