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Low Back Pain & Hip Pain

Testimonials>Low Back Pain & Hip Pain

Low Back & Hip Pain Gone After 15 Years

Hi I am Betsy. Twelve years of suffering are over thanks to Dr. Lincoln.

I had 12 years of chronic low back pain, hip pain, pain into my legs and neck pain. The daily pain limited my daily activities to the point where they became a burden for me to perform them. I have 3 children, horses and it was becoming very difficult to take care them.

Driving was terrible because of the pain I would get into my hips and legs. I use to count the hours at work when sitting in meetings due to the pain.

In November 2008 I had to go to the emergency room because my back went into spasms after I bent over to pick a pen off the floor.

The doctor told me I had a muscle strain and put me on muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medication. The medication had little effect on my pain. My brother in-law told me I should go and see his brother; maybe he could help you. I knew Dr Lincoln so I thought I would give him a try. If I had not known Dr. Lincoln I would not have gone to any chiropractor. I did not know anything about chiropractic. My brother in-law told me he had good success with chiropractic, so I called and scheduled an appointment. Dr. Lincoln started me off with a thorough consultation and chiropractic exam. He spent the time necessary to understand my problem. In my report of findings he explained to me what my x-rays revealed and what was causing my problem and how chiropractic care could help me.

Dr Lincoln gave me my first adjustment and I felt a little better. He presented to me his recommendations for a treatment plan. I felt confident enough to go through with his recommendations. After each adjustment I felt a little better. The pain in my lower back and hips were less each day. I could sit during my meetings without having to load up on Advil and Tylenol. My head aches and neck pain was also getting less and less each day.

As I continued through the treatment plan I started to get whole days of pain free. I had more energy and I could do things now that I could not do 5 years ago.

I never thought I would have a pain free day in my life; I was wrong. Having no pain is wonderful.

My whole family is under regular chiropractic care. I continue to come regularly for my maintenance care.

I do not to want to return to how I once was. I know that as long as I stay under regular chiropractic care I will remain healthy.

Thank you, Eddy Lincoln for recommending me to see Dr. Lincoln

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