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Gonstead Technique

The Gonstead Technique is a highly effective full spine technique of chiropractic that is design to locate the misalignment in your spine that is causing nerve irritation. Nerve irritation is produced by inflammation around a spinal nerve. The irritation and inflammation creates heat that can be detected using a nervoscope. Full spine X-rays taken during your initial exam are analyzed using the Gonstead method of analysis. This analysis helps to determine how to adjust the misaligned spinal bone to correct the mis-alignment. The Gonstead method is a gentle technique done by hand to correct mis-alignment in you spine, hips, knees, feet, hands, elbows and sacrum.

Dr. Gonstead The Gonstead Difference: The Gonstead chiropractor conducts a thorough analysis of your spine using five criteria to detect the presence of the vertebral subluxation complex.

X-ray Analysis - Full Spinal films allow the doctor to evaluate and visualize the entire spine, sacrum and pelvis. This is helpful in identifying disease processes, fractures, vertebral misalignments and evaluating posture, joint and disc integrity.

Instrumentation - Gonstead chiropractors use an instrument called a nervoscope to detect uneven distribution of heat along the spine given off by inflammation and nerve pressure. Static Palpation - Once areas of inflammation and nerve pressure have been identified using the nervoscope these areas are evaluated for the presence of tenderness, swelling, edema, abnormal texture and muscle tightness. These conditions are indicators of a vertebral subluxation complex.

Motion Palpation - This process accesses the range of motion in the spinal joints and sacral joints to determine if they are fixated or if they move freely.

Visualization - Visualization is a way for the Gonstead chiropractor to confirm the findings with the patients posture. Abnormal postural changes are possible indicators that there is a problem.

Gonstead Adjustment - The objective the Gonstead analysis is to determine precisely the subluxated vertebra and deliver a gentle and precise adjustment to restore the proper alignment of the mis-aligned vertebra.
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